The order, restore a 1967 T1 spitty and turn it into a “Bar-Bus”.
First things first, getting the bus ready for possible welding jobs and bodywork. We make sure all the original parts come off gently and categorize them either for re-use or junk-pile. For all the un-usable parts we search for either NOS parts or best quality reproduction replacements.
From a sketch to a driving bar!
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We only used high quality parts!
We are always looking for original and NOS parts, but we also fly over the world to find the best bus parts that exist on the market. We don’t select these parts on their price, but on their quality! With 15 years of experience we can proudly say that we have the best quality-parts assortment available on the market. We use the parts for our restorations and they are available in our online PARTS SHOP
Beautiful upholstery made by K&K.
During the restoration, we spend a lot of time on the upholstery of the bus. Whether the customer wants to have an original or a custom look, we'll take care of it.

We have a great selection of grips and levers in different colors and materials that really finish the interior of the bus, check out our PARTS SHOP