Our cars travel all over the world.

We are known worldwide for our quality and professionalism, which is why we are constantly looking for beautiful pristine Volkswagens and Porsches. We have connections all over the world that help us find these cars and vans. View our cars here.

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For sale:


Karmann Ghia Cabriolet Patina

Wanted: classic and vintage Volkswagen and Porsche cars.

Are you thinking about selling your old VW or Porsche, please contact us.

Are you thinking about selling your classic Volkswagen or Porsche? With us you are at the right place. We are interested in T1, T2 and T3 vans and campers and also in glasses or oval beetle, 1303, 1302 Beetle and, for example, also in a Karmann Ghia. In terms of Porsche, we are especially interested in the 914, 365, 911 and 912 models. Both in the coupe version and the targa models. For more information or an introduction, please email to info@kieftenklok.nl or call +31 641 845 859.